President Vladimir Putin has recently been bathing in the blood of 150 pounds of stag antlers to improve his health, reports. | 670.6 KB

late night links: Wonders of the Web archive archive | 156.5 KB

CW: In one performance with the title "Throwing a Cat" you killed a cat. Could you explain the performance?
XZ: I didn't kill the cat, it was already dead. In a small room I bashed the cat against the ground for 45 minutes.
CW: Why did you choose a cat?
XZ: I think cats are sexy.
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[...] the Guggenheim had received such a volume of complaints that it issued a public statement acknowledging concerns around one particular video, Dogs That Cannot Touch Each Other, [...] which involved pit bulls chained to treadmills. | 4.2 mb

[...] Saddam was completely obsessed with J-Lo. His palaces were found to be full of framed pictures of her and in one of Saddam's bedrooms there was even a lifesize cardboard cut-out of J-Lo. | 3.7 mb